Would You Recommend This Service To Friends and Family

Here at the North Devon Orthodontic Centre, we have been running this feedback service for two years and have recently audited our results. We are delighted with how well we are doing and many of the comments are updated onto … More

Mouth guards and sport

We are a sporty lot in North Devon, with team sports being particularly popular. We are good at sport too and many of our young people are on gifted and talented programs or in Academies. It is often when people … More

Children and Sugar – The Shocking Facts

Do you know that a recent Public Health England report discovered that children are consuming so much sugar at breakfast that half their daily allowance has already been eaten before school. It warns that sugary cereals, juices and spreads are … More

Thumb or Finger sucking and your teeth

Thumb or finger sucking is really common in young children, British Orthodontic Society figures show that as many as 1 in 8 children have a persistent, prolonged sucking habit. It is not unusual. There are a few reasons why children … More

Braces Information

brace-colours Do braces hurt? This is a very common question, often asked out of concern or fear; not everyone loves the dentist! Whilst it is not unusual to experience some mild discomfort immediately after having a brace fitted and for a … More

Fast Treatments – What to be aware of

We are often asked if we do so-called ‘fast’ brace treatments. The simple answer is no. There are many fast-treatment companies entering the market at the moment. Usually The appliance manufacturer diagnoses and plans the case without (ever) having seen … More
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