Fast Treatments – What to be aware of

We are often asked if we do so-called ‘fast’ brace treatments. The simple answer is no. There are many fast-treatment companies entering the market at the moment. Usually The appliance manufacturer diagnoses and plans the case without (ever) having seen the patient and the braces are designed and made in a laboratory and sent to the dentist to fit (to the patient)in the clinic. This may suit some people, but due to needing a third party to diagnose and set up the case, it does add extra cost In reality there are no special techniques or materials that will make teeth move faster than conventional orthodontic techniques. Teeth will only move at their own pace and if you push harder, teeth will often SLOW DOWN or STOP MOVING. Some of these treatments can be relatively quick but, as stated in several of their websites, they do not seek to address major orthodontic issues. The reason they are so quick is that they usually only achieve the first stage of comprehensive treatment (initial alignment). The treatments generally only focus on the ‘social six’ front teeth and so will only be suitable for some. At NDOC we provide a thorough examination at your initial appointment and we will give you all treatment options. ‘Simple alignment (initial alignment)’ may be suitable for some people. If we feel that it is the treatment for you, we can carry this out this using the same techniques as the ‘fast-brace-treatment’ providers. However as we do not pay diagnostic or laboratory fees for these treatments, we can significantly cut the cost to the patient.
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