Lingual / Incognito


Many adults are seeking to have their teeth straightened these days but, for a variety of reasons, some patients do not want it to be obvious that they are having orthodontic treatment. That is where so-called ‘invisible braces’ are ideal.

Incognito braces are a type of fixed appliance that is hidden discreetly on the back of the teeth, not on the front as is usual. They are technologically very advanced and the low profile gold brackets are individually made for each patient. They offer all the advantages of fixed appliances and as they are bonded on the back of your teeth it makes them virtually invisible to other people. This makes them ideal for patients who have confidence issues wearing a brace. Incognito braces are usually used for full comprehensive treatment. In some cases however if the situation is very mild, Incognito lite can be used to align the front teeth only. Your orthodontist will be able to tell you which type of treatment is suitable for you.

(Whilst incognito braces are suitable for all age groups, here at NDOrtho we are only able to fit them on self-funded patients as the NHS do not fund this treatment option.)

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