What Is Orthodontics?


Orthodontics is the study and treatment of the development of the jaws, face and teeth. Treatment usually involves the wearing of braces to align the teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. Braces work by applying constant, steady pressure to the teeth, enabling them to gradually realign to their desired position. Orthodontics is not just about cosmetics however. By straightening the teeth it makes them them easier to clean and by making the teeth fit together properly, it improves the function i.e. making it easier to chew and eat.

All patients young and old have a treatment plan created by the orthodontist. Our UK trained highly qualified specialist and enhanced practitioners take time to consider the way your teeth fit together, your bone structure, the facial profile, and health and vitality of your teeth, gums and supporting tissue. At NDOrtho, we may take photos of your face, jaw, mouth and teeth. The orthodontist may take an x-ray if indicated. All the information gathered is used to create the appropriate treatment plan for you or your child. At all stages we explain what is happening and listen to your questions and concerns. To achieve the best results from your braces, it is vital you understand the process and we encourage you to ask questions and give us your opinions. It is important our clinicians understand what your aims are from wearing braces so that we can work together to achieve the results that most closely meet that aim.

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